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I was talking to a guy who’s been renting out his home for years.

He was trying to get the house done, but the house is built in a way that can’t get finished.

“The whole thing just kind of collapsed,” he said.

“It’s just kind in a mess.”

The whole house just kind was collapsing, but it’s in a heap.

And that’s because the house has a very high impact on the ground.

“I’ve never had anything like that happen before,” he explained.

The house is on the outskirts of Adelaide, in a suburban suburb.

The building itself has a roof that’s been lifted into the air by the wind, and a couple of pillars that have been elevated in the air.

The structure itself is made up of two pieces of concrete, one flat, and the other one flat.

But, since the roof is suspended in the sky, the building isn’t built for stability.

“There’s no flooring underneath,” he told me.

“If you want to stand on it, you’re going to have to lift it.”

This is what he saw as the whole house fell down.

It’s not just the concrete, though.

The roof has been lowered down into the sky and the building itself is now floating in the middle of the ground, so it’s unstable.

And this has happened to many houses before.

There are other ways of fixing this, but one is to replace the roof with a piece of steel that can be raised up.

“That’s what we used to do, you lift the roof up and you put the steel in,” he continued.

“And that’s what’s happened here.”

“There was a lot of steel in the roof when we built it,” said another resident.

“So the roof’s a lot higher than the house.”

The steel itself is a good thing, as it’s a strong and durable structure.

But the whole structure is unstable.

The whole structure has collapsed, but this building is in a pile.

The flat ground has fallen into the flat, but there’s a huge amount of steel inside.

“This is the reason why there’s so much steel,” said the owner.

“Because it’s been in there for a long time.”

The flat has now been knocked off its foundation, and it’s completely collapsed.

But it’s not yet completely destroyed.

The steel structure that the house was built on has been completely demolished.

The concrete structure is now completely gone.

“We haven’t really lost anything,” said one resident.

This is the same structure that was on the roof of the home when it collapsed.

“But it’s still standing,” said a second.

And the house itself is floating on the flat ground.

And as it floats on the flats, the roof drops off the flat.

“In this case,” explained the owner, “it’s not like the roof has dropped.”

So what’s happening?

The flat is not stable.

It has no stability.

It doesn’t really fall down.

“You have to be careful about how much steel you use,” said Joe.

“Most of it’s steel and it just kind floats on.”

But it floats, so when you hit the ground you get knocked off.

“Then you hit a piece that has been pushed up,” said Josh.

“Or you hit it in the ground and it goes flying and it bounces back and it hits the roof again.”

“You just have to know what you’re doing,” said Ben.

“Do you try to hit it down, or do you try and push it up?”

The owner said that it was also important to use a lot less steel.

“Unless you’re building a house on a hill, it doesn’t make sense to use steel for the foundation,” he added.

“They tend to fall apart.”

The bottom line is that the flat is falling apart, and that’s when the whole building comes tumbling down.

The next time you find yourself with a flat, think of all the times you’ve been looking at it and wondering how it got there.

It just collapsed because it’s built to fail.

But you can fix it.

How to fix a flat

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