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A Perth-based tourist who had spent time in the area in the last decade has described the flat roof material found at the Uyunis salt-flat campground as “horrifying”.

Key points:The Flat roof material was found on a hillside in Uyungis campground last yearA Uyunin spokesperson confirmed that the material was used to create the new flat roof, and the owner has been informedThe flat roof is the latest in a string of flat roofs that have been discovered in the Uytunis Salt-Flats area.

A Flat roof is a flat surface that is made of a series of thin, thin layers of wood and metal that form an artificial barrier.

It is designed to keep out moisture, while also allowing sunlight to enter the building.

In July last year, Uyuns campground manager and owner Scott Boonen found the Flat roof on the top of a hilltop, about 300 metres above the ground, on the southern end of the campground.

“It was the first time I’d seen it, I was really surprised,” Mr Boonens said.

“We have done the job in the past and I’m not going to take any chances and it’s been there for five years.”

The material is a thick, dense layer of wood, that we use as a layer to make the flat and then a layer of other materials like concrete to make it waterproof and then another layer of the materials we use for our roof.

“So it’s pretty dense.”

In a flat roof we’re just trying to do the best we can with the materials that we have and it looks quite different.

“Mr Boonensen said the material could be found on other salt-fires around the world.”

When we first went to the camp, the materials were on a ledge, so you could walk up to them and there was a layer there.

“Then there was the hill, so it was a good chance to take the material down and look.”

You could find it anywhere.

It’s not something you’ll see in the Salt-Falls or any other places.

“Mr Jensen said he was not sure if the material would last, but was confident the flat would be a success.”

I’m not worried, the material is pretty good and it will last,” he said.

The Flat Roof materials have been used by the UYunis since 2009.

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