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What do you do when you want a flat-top toilet seat but don’t want to buy one?

Well, you can get a flat toilet seat for a fraction of the price of a regular one, thanks to a website called the Flat-Topped Table.

The Flat-topping Table, launched by the makers of the “Flat Tummy” product, offers to “buy” the perfect seat for you and your flat-bottom toilet at a fraction the cost of the traditional toilet seat.

The website says its Flat-Tummy seat is “designed to give you a comfortable flat toilet that’s flat enough to use without bending or rolling.”

According to the site, Flat-tummy seats are “a classic toilet seat with a rounded bottom and no slop or flapping.”

The Flat Tummy seat will cost you about $30 to buy, and will come with a one-year warranty.

The site says that the seats are available in two sizes, and that there is “no need to worry about what your toilet seat will look like.”

The website does not say what the seat will feel like, but you can check out the images on the website to see what it will look for.

The idea behind Flat-Top Tummy seats is that they are “designed with a flat surface so that it can be used without bending, rolling, or flicking.”

This is not the same as a traditional toilet that has to be pushed up against a seat to be flushed.

This is just a flat seat that has been bent and rolled around a bit.

You’ll also be able to choose between different fabrics, materials, and finishes for your seat.

For the price, the Flat Tumpties seat looks great, too.

If you’re looking for something a little more premium than what you’re getting from the typical toilet seat, you might be interested in a flat flat-tops “Flame-Brite” toilet seat from the makers, Flat Bites.

This seat can be ordered with or without a “flat” top, and comes with a three-year guaranteed warranty.

If the Flat Bits are a bit pricier than what the Flat Cuts offer, they’re still worth it.

If your toilet has a flat top, the “Tummy” is one option that will help you get a seat that feels great on your toilet.

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