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The flat earth theory is popular because it says that the earth is flat.

The theory has been promoted by Richard Dawkins and the likes of Charles Darwin and the late astronomer Carl Sagan, but it has not been proven to be true.

It is also controversial because it has the potential to destroy millions of lives and damage economies around the world.

In this podcast, we explore the most important questions you need to know about the flat Earth and how it might impact your daily life.

This podcast is produced by The Post’s Science team.

It’s produced by Post reporters David Wright and John Wagner, who have been at The Post for more than 10 years.

David Wright, David [email protected] and John [email protected]

This episode is produced for The Post by Post Writers Group.

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This is a produced for Post Writers group by Post, LLC.

For more information, contact Michael Siegel at 202-741-5092.

Produced by The Washington Times, WNYC Public Radio and Kaiser Health News.

Music: The Flat Earth by The Smiths.

Narrator: What happens when you start talking about the earth’s rotation?

The music in this episode is by The New York Times songwriting team.

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