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It’s hard to find a single shoe that doesn’t appeal to the female user, and this is especially true when you consider that women are often seen as less active and less confident than men.

But a new survey by women’s footwear brand The Flats has revealed which flats shoes women should choose.

The survey, carried out by research firm Foursquare, was conducted in the United Kingdom and surveyed 1,500 female shoppers between the ages of 18 and 34.

It found that, on average, women prefer flat shoes, but they also said they would wear them if they were to buy them.

The Flats have been selling flats shoes in a variety of colours, sizes and styles since 2008.

They now have four main types of flats, including the flat toe, flats shoe, slipper and slipper flats.

The flat shoes range from $70-$150 (£50-$180) with the flats shoe costing between $50-$70 (£40-60).

Fashion is changing more and more for women and there are a number of products out there that women have a preference for, such as a high waist dress or a dress with a bow.

But women are also buying dressy flats as well, and there is some debate about whether the style is suitable for them.

Fifty per cent of the respondents to the survey said that the style of the dress they wanted was appropriate for them, with 40 per cent saying they didn’t have a choice.

Females also tend to prefer different styles of shoes for different purposes.

Fifty per cent said they liked dress flats, while only 30 per cent thought that flats shoes were suitable for casual occasions.

The survey also found that the more casual the footwear, the more men preferred them.

There is also evidence to suggest that women prefer wearing heels as well as flats shoes, as they are more comfortable.

The research showed that women preferred flats shoes with a heel that is longer than a shoe’s toe, which is why the term “slipper” is often used to describe flats shoes.

It’s no secret that women tend to have more fun when they wear heels than shoes, and that makes for a more active lifestyle, according to The Flocks founder Laura Jones.

The company is aiming to appeal to women who are looking to dress up and wear heels for the first time.

Fashion has always been a female-dominated industry, but there is an increasing number of women who say they want to explore their sexuality and style more.

The Flights aims to provide a place for these women to explore these interests, as well.

“When we first launched, we were just selling flats,” Jones told HuffPost UK.

“We didn’t really think about it until we realised we were going to have a huge amount of interest in this.

Now, we’re seeing women want to wear more casual clothes, like flats, and we’ve got a whole generation of women that are not into wearing dresses or shoes.”

The Flates are the first brand to carry a line of shoes that are designed to appeal specifically to women.

This includes flats, slippers and slippers, and the company is looking to bring back some of the styles that were once synonymous with dressier, more formal footwear.

Families who shop with The Flalls are now more likely to be interested in a dressier lifestyle, as the company says the majority of customers are in their 30s or 40s.

“Women of all ages are very active, and women want a variety,” Jones said.

“It’s a different world from when we launched the brand.

We’ve definitely seen an increase in interest.”

Jones added that there was an increasing demand for more casual shoes and she’s keen to provide the women in her team with options.

“It’s been great working with these ladies,” she said.

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