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London is a hotbed of design, with new apartments opening up every month and prices starting at around £1 million.

And while that’s great news for buyers, it’s a tough sell for landlords.

So we’ve put together a guide to help you find the right place for your lifestyle and budget.

Here’s what you need to know.


Which flats are best for a new tenant?

The best place to rent in London right now is probably not in a big tower or super-expensive neighbourhood, but instead in a small, traditional house.

That means there’s no room for a loft or a penthouse.

You need something in between, something that can offer you a nice space to work, play and chill, and something that doesn’t demand much space either.

It’s not always easy to find a new landlord, but we’ve rounded up some of the best in the capital.

The most common types of houses for rent in the Capital include small, mid-rise and large.

Here are some of our favourites.

1) A simple flat in a traditional house in Wandsworth 2) A big house in a modern house in Belgravia, which has been converted into an apartment 3) A new house in an old house in Hackney, which was built in 1888 for the Royal Wedding 4) A modern house with a balcony in Hackford 5) A flat with a view in a former house in Kensington, which is now home to a bar, cinema and other businesses.

Here is a look at a few of the bigger, modern flats in the city.

2) This house in Chiswick has been transformed into an office space.

The house’s new owners are working with a new owner to get it up to code 3) This modern house is in Hackley, which houses a cafe and a cafe-bar.

It has been given a £2.2 million refurbishment, and it’s one of our favourite options for a mid-to-high-end flat in London.

It offers good views of the Thames and the river Thames, plus it has a nice balcony 4) The same flat is now being refurbished in East London, and has been granted a new lease of life.

It can be an ideal place for a short-term stay or for longer.

It also has a balcony 5) This studio in Charing Cross, south London, was renovated for the summer, with a terrace, a garden, and a deck overlooking the river.

It is a lovely place to relax, and its new owners have added a terracotta wall 5) An apartment in Chelsea is a new home for a family of four.

It had been renovated in 2012, and the owners are now planning to make it more modern 6) A large flat in Belgrave has been renovated to accommodate a large family.

It sits in a very attractive location, with lots of natural light and good views over the Thames 7) A huge flat in East Ham has been re-branded for a modern buyer.

The property is currently being refurbish and has had a huge renovation and a new roof.

It looks beautiful 8) A tiny house in Southwark is an excellent choice for a first time buyer.

It costs just £1.8 million, and is the perfect place for anyone who wants to stay in the heart of London for the first time.

It will be a great choice for anyone looking to rent a new flat for the next six months or longer 9) This penthouse in London is located in the centre of one of the most exclusive parts of the city, the East End.

It houses a gallery, cafe and private terrace 10) A penthouse apartment in the City of London is one of London’s best choices for a young professional.

It features a spacious main bedroom and a spacious living room and kitchen 11) A stylish loft apartment in central London offers stunning views of London, with views of Chelsea, Westminster and Westminster Bridge 12) A luxury flat in the suburbs of London offers a great location and a good view of the London Eye.

The owners have put a lot of work into this apartment 13) A luxurious apartment in Chichester has been designed to be a new addition to a large house in the area.

It boasts a modern kitchen and a large living room 14) This spacious studio apartment in Wokingham has been refurbished for the spring, and offers a lot more than a bedroom 15) This beautiful loft apartment has been developed for a small family.

The studio has a lovely garden and is surrounded by a beautiful garden.

It gives you views of Westminster Bridge and the Thames 16) A small, comfortable loft in the East of London has been redeveloped for a buyer looking for a house of their own.

It comes with a kitchenette, a queen size bed and a small balcony 17) A spacious flat in Kensham has recently been given the green light to be converted into a new family home.

The building is on the edge of the town centre

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