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The “Flat Rock” is a flat-faced roof, or roof with a top made from a thick layer of glass or other glass material that protects the roof from rain and wind.

The flat roof is a cheap alternative to a hi-fi roof, which costs about Rs 4 lakh (US$55,000).

The flat roof was first introduced in the US and is a cheaper alternative to the high-end hi-Fi roof.

It comes in various forms like the “Hi-fi” or “Hi Bar” flat-shaped roof, the “Flato” roof, and the “Graf” roof.

The flat-roofed roof has a “flat” shape on the inside that gives the roof a low profile.

However, it does not have a top and is not as “flat” as a hi fi roof.

According to an official with a flat roof company, the flat-rock roof is the cheapest and most reliable alternative to hi-fis.

“I have seen flat roofs costing between Rs 1,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh (about US$45,000-70,000),” the official told The Hindu.

The cost is also lower than a hi fis.””

Flats are also easier to install and can be made in different colours, materials and shapes.

The cost is also lower than a hi fis.”

The flat rock roof can also be built in different styles, like “Flattop” or the “Halo” design.

This is because it does have a base, instead of a roof that is “flat.”

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