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New Delhi, India – In a recent article published on Indian newspaper NDTV, Bollywood star Bikram Bhatti claimed that the flat chest was one of his favourite attributes.

“I am a Bollywood boy who wears a very flat chest.

I love it.

I have flat chest and I am proud of it.

And I am a flat chest guy, not a bikrambadi,” Bhatt said in the article.

Bhatt also said that he does not wear a dress in his film industry, because he prefers to wear jeans.

“People have been telling me that the flats are more comfortable and the dress is more formal, and I would agree with them.

But I also wear jeans in my film industry because I prefer the clean lines and the style,” Bhat said in an interview to NDTV.

The actor also said he does his own makeup, adding that it is the first time he does so.

“The only time I do makeup is when I’m wearing a shirt.

I think I do my own makeup because I like to be clean.

I always do my makeup on my own because I love the way it looks,” he said.

The actress said that it was difficult for her to do any makeup, because her friends are all wearing their hair done by their hair stylists.

“My friends are really amazing and I have seen them do amazing work.

I am the first person to wear a full head of hair.

So it is not that hard.

I like it because it’s different,” she said.

Bollywood actor Bikrams flat chest in pics: Bikra Bhatts flat chest is not a Bikrahani thing, Bhatt told NDTV on Sunday.

“It’s not a thing I can wear or anything, but I have to be honest.

I feel like a flat-chested boy,” the Bollywood actress said.

According to NDtv, Bhat is the fourth person to say that he wears a flat, as a part of a bigger message of self-acceptance.

Bikras flat chest may be a new trend, but Bhatt is no stranger to it.

He has worn a flat in the past, and recently shared the news on Instagram.

“If I could go back in time and tell you the exact moment that I met a flat my whole life, I would say it was around the age of 11, 12, 13, 14,” he shared.

Bhat has also been seen wearing a flat recently in his movie ‘Dakshin’.

The Bollywood superstar has been spotted wearing a flatter, more formal style, often worn by women.

He wore the flat in recent pictures from his upcoming film ‘Majlada’ in which he was seen wearing jeans, a sweater and a T-shirt.

In a related story, actor Akshay Kumar shared a photograph of himself wearing a full-face mask to protest against racism.

He captioned the pic, “If there is no racism, how can we fight racism?”

The BHFC star is one of the stars of the Bikrata Panchayats in Rajasthan, a community that has been facing a shortage of jobs, due to the drought and the death of many young men.

Bihariya Bhagat, a woman who is the daughter of a BHPC president, has also come out against the trend, saying that she believes that “it is just an attempt to make people feel more comfortable”.

Bhatt, a veteran actor who has starred in films like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Dekhla’, ‘Piyush’, ‘The House of M’, ‘Shyamaka’, ‘Gangster Squad’ and ‘Aamir Khan’ has also made several other social media posts against the flat-chest.

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