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A lot of men are flat chesting, a term for people who have long chests and a flat chest.

But there are also flat chesters, people who are short and have a flat stomach.

Flat chested, flat stomached, and flat chest are just some of the terms used to describe these types of men and ladies.

It’s not always easy to find someone who is flat chest, but the truth is, it’s not really the case, says author and fitness trainer Michael Cramer.

Michael Cramer is a fitness trainer, fitness writer, and founder of fitness brand and nutrition blog Fitbits.

He’s also the author of the Flat Chested Men’s Guide.

“It’s just really a matter of being comfortable in your own skin, having that body shape and size,” Cramer says.

“That’s the most important thing.

If you don’t have that then you’re not going to be able to move around, because you can’t put weight on your chest or belly or lower your waist and have that big of a chest.”

Flat chest is actually a common misconception.

“There’s actually quite a few flat chest women who are just flat chest,” he says.

“[But] you need to have your own body shape in order to do that.”

Cramer advises women to wear clothing that matches their shape, and also keep a physical therapist or physical therapist-type job if you have one.

A woman’s waist and hips are also a critical part of her shape, but women often forget that they also have an upper back and a lower back.

“I’m a firm believer that a strong upper back helps you to lift weights and that’s why I recommend a flat back,” he explains.

“There’s nothing wrong with a small waist or a small hips.

You just need to be more aware of your shape and what you want in your body.”

So, what’s the right kind of flat chest?

According to Cramer, it really depends on the person.

“There are a few different types of flat chests, and they’re just different types,” he tells Business Insider.

“Some people are more flat than others.

I think for some people, it’ll be more about the person than the chest size.”

If you’re flat chester, the right shirt, hat, and shoes will help.

For others, it could be that they’re too short to wear a shirt that fits them.

If your chest size is smaller than the ideal you’re going to need a chest that fits that person, Cramer explains.

The next time you feel a chest tightness or a tightness in your chest, make sure you’re wearing a shirt or a shirt with support.

You can try wearing a smaller shirt if you’re unsure about how big your chest is, or a medium size shirt if your chest has a lot of room.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that there are different body types, so there’s no right size for everyone.

“For example, women are more likely to be a ‘square’ person,” Cramers explains.

For men, this means their chest is flat or their upper chest is round.

“You’re also more likely of having a lower waist or an upper waist,” he adds.

“This is not to say that men aren’t flat.

They’re flat all the time.”

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