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A flat tyre caused the death of an Australian racer, who was killed in a crash with another racer while racing in New Zealand on Monday.

The crash occurred at the start of the 10th round of the Auckland 1000 event on Sunday night.

The incident happened when the race cars were being pushed down the straight and a tyre was left on the track.

The New Zealand Police Service said the driver of the other car was not hurt in the crash and the driver who was behind the crash was arrested.

Police said the other driver was not issued a ticket for the crash but was found guilty of dangerous driving.

The race was being broadcast live on TV screens at the time of the crash.

Race organiser Shane Pryce said the race was moving towards the finish line at the expense of some safety measures.

“I think this is a terrible event to be in,” he said.

“The track has got to be cleaned up, the cars are just flat out.”

A flat tyre will cause an accident and we have to do everything we can to prevent it happening again.

“He said the racing team had a plan to ensure the track was clean.”

There’s going to be a lot of cleaning up to do, and there will be a massive amount of cleaning in New South Wales,” he added.

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