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The House of Commons is expected to hold a special hearing Thursday on how Britain can retain the position of “Europe’s leading and most important economy” as a major EU market, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced.

The House of Lords, in a speech last week, was expected to approve the motion to the U.N. General Assembly to give the U to the British government, according to the BBC.

May’s speech also mentioned the U-turn in May’s Conservative Party policy on immigration and its opposition to the European Union’s plan to create a single passport for citizens of the 28-nation bloc.

The U.k. has long been considered one of the most pro-EU countries in the world, but the Brexit vote has given it an opportunity to show its new pro-European wing that the country is willing to take its position in the European Economic Area (EEA) back from the European Central Bank and the European Court of Justice.

May said in her speech that she will also outline the Government’s strategy for ensuring the UBA maintains its “role in the global economy” and “protects the economic interests of Britain.”

The UBA, which was established in 1992, has been one of Britain’s most important economic partners since its inception.

It has a global market capitalization of more than $500 billion, and a GDP per capita of more to $70,000.

The government has also long pushed for a referendum on the UAA, which it says is needed to decide whether Britain should remain in the EU, though May’s speech did not specify whether it was a UBA referendum or a U.A. referendum.

The Prime Minister’s Speech also indicated that the government will continue to work to promote the economic growth of the UDA, while also pushing for the UK to remain in a single market.

The Government has made significant efforts to create the UNA as a global trading and financial market, and has invested billions in infrastructure projects and infrastructure investments.

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