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What is a Flat Earth Society?

A Flat-Earth Society is an international group of Flat Earth enthusiasts who believe that the Earth is flat.

Flat-earth skeptics believe that Earth is round, not round.

These skeptics believe the Earth has a flat surface and that the curvature of the Earth can be used to estimate how the Earth’s surface and atmosphere should look.

They believe the curvatures of the earth cause the Earth to wobble.

Flat Earth society members often wear shirts that have the phrase “I am a flat-earther,” which they believe expresses the idea that the earth is flat, and that flat-Earth skepticism is a form of racism.

According to the Flat-earth Society, many scientists disagree with the flat-earth movement.

For example, physicist and former NASA physicist Paul Hertzog, who now works as a climate scientist at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told ABC News in 2012, “I think the flat earth is a fraud.”

In 2015, the Flat Earth Forum, a nonprofit organization founded by Flat-Ear skeptic Christopher Coates, announced the formation of the Flat Earther Foundation.

The organization was launched in February 2016 and is named after Flat-Feather skeptic and Flat-East member Mark Twain.

The Flat-West Society believes that the Flat East and the Flat West are the same thing.

They claim that Flat- East is an umbrella term that includes the Eastern Hemisphere and that Flat West is an individual, self-described member who believes the earth revolves around the Sun.

The New York Times article, which appeared on March 18, states, “The Flat East Society and Flat West Society share a common purpose: to explore and explain the world through their shared understanding of science, the history of the human race, and the nature of reality.”

A spokeswoman for the Flat Ear Foundation told that Flat Earth theory is the result of “a very long and highly influential history of flat-Ears, Flat-Westerns, Flat Earthers, and Flat Eaters.”

She added that the “flat-eater” label is an inaccurate and “misleading” label.

In the 1970s, American Flat-Easterns claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a flat, while Flat-Waves claimed that it is a round globe.

The group claimed that modern-day scholars reject the Flat World Theory.

In 2016, the group issued a statement on its website saying that Flat Ear theory is based on the Bible and not science.

“It’s a false and destructive notion that the Bible is the literal word of God,” the statement read.

“The flat-Ear Theory was first proposed in the 1960s by two Flat-eared men named James B. Wilson and George C. Walker, and is now recognized as the cornerstone of modern-era flat-ear theories.”

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