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What if you could make a flat plane crank from scratch, and even fly it?

That’s what an inventor in the Netherlands has created.

The invention, which is being dubbed the “Flat Plane Chassis,” has an ingenious design that could be used for any type of plane, from airplanes to helicopters.

The company behind the invention, AeroVelo, says it is able to create a device that could not only fly but also fly at incredible speeds.

It is the first such device in the world.

The idea for AeroVlo came from a dream of flying planes, and the invention is based on the idea that the flaps of a plane should move independently.

The inventor says the concept of a flat rotor, which allows it to rotate without any mechanical forces, is an ideal combination for a plane.

“If we were to try to design a plane that would be able to fly and fly at amazing speeds, then we should have to design something that is completely different,” said the company’s CEO.

It’s not just planes though, but also helicopters and other large machines.

The AeroValo prototype is designed to be lighter and faster than traditional flaps, which makes it ideal for applications like large cargo vessels.

The flat plane chassis also has an innovative way to move around the air, making it the ideal platform for autonomous vehicles.

“It is a flexible platform for any kind of vehicle, whether it is a plane or a helicopter,” said AeroVolo founder André van Lierop.

“It is capable of being used for different tasks, but still with the same strength as a conventional flaperon.”

It’s the same principle behind a similar device called the “Solo Flap”, which can be flown with only the use of a joystick.

It has the ability to rotate on its own, without needing to be manually controlled.

It also has a large, flexible base that can be used as a stand.

The team is currently working on further refinements, but has already made some big strides in this area.

“We’ve been working with the US Army to get the whole thing built up into a small, simple unit, so it is very stable,” said van Liersop.

“And we’ve also been working on a couple of prototypes that can do more than just fly.”

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