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I was a little confused by this article.

But I’m glad I did.

It explains a lot.

First, it explains why flat earth is a conspiracy theory.

And second, it tells the truth about why people think the flat earth theory is true.

Flat Earth, or Flat Earth Theory, is a theory about the Earth’s curvature that has been around for decades.

It posits that the Earth is flat and that the earth’s axis is tilted at a constant 90 degrees.

The idea of a flat Earth is a way to explain why people see the Earth as being flat.

And the fact that flat earth people can’t actually see the curvature of the Earth and that it is so flat and flat, they can’t really explain why it is.

This is what flat earth advocates think.

The Earth’s axis isn’t flat Because there are some small deviations from the Earth that we can’t see in our observations, it is difficult to pin down how the Earth rotates.

When the Earth turns around, the rotation of the axis of rotation (the plane of rotation that makes up the Earth) changes slightly.

For example, the Earth will be spinning more slowly from north to south and vice versa.

This means that when you look at the Earth from the northern or southern end of the equator, the Sun will appear as a point of light.

But the Earth, and all of the other planets and satellites, rotate much more quickly, so we can only see the north or south poles of the planet as the axis.

The axis of the Sun is actually much longer, about 1.5 times the diameter of the orbit of Mercury.

So, we can actually see that the axis is much longer than it seems.

But, because the axis isn, in fact, much longer and because of the rotation speed of the planets, we cannot see that there is a plane of curvature.

So there is some mystery.

This mysterious mystery is the fact, known as the Flat Earth Hypothesis, that the flat Earth theory is an invention of the Flat Earthers.

Flat Ears and Flat Earth One of the flat earthers who is part of this conspiracy is William Happer.

He is a professor of physics at Harvard University.

In addition to being a mathematician, he is a researcher in physics.

He created the Flat Ear theory, which has been widely discredited.

It’s basically a conspiracy theorist theory.

The Flat Ear Theory was invented in 1985, when Dr. William H. Happer, a professor at the University of Illinois, invented the Flat-Earther Theory.

Hap, who is known for his work on gravity and cosmology, has argued that the universe is flat.

The reason why the Earth spins around the Sun, as well as the sun’s rotation and the Earth rotation around the Earth in orbit, is to get the Earth to orbit the Sun.

This idea was based on Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which explains gravity.

But Hap claimed that there was something else going on.

HAP claimed that the rotation rate of the earth is constant and that this constant rotation is the Earth moving in a straight line.

This was based upon the observation that the Sun’s light is traveling at about 1/10th of a meter per second.

The same theory of the speed of light is also based on general relativity.

When we look at an object in a dark room, we see that light travels in a uniform, straight line, not at all like a curved line.

Haps claimed that a light beam traveling at one-tenth of a second would take the same path in a room as it would in a light-proof room, and that in the dark room the light would travel in the same direction.

The result is that the light has no acceleration, no rotation, and no motion.

If Haps was correct, then the Earth could not be in orbit around the sun.

That is, there would have to be a plane that would allow light to travel at one meter per year.

Hapers original theory of how the world spins has been discredited, however.

In 1991, scientists published a paper that showed that the curvatures of the solar system are due to gravity.

The paper was based off of a model developed by Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of nuclear weapons.

Oppenheim developed the theory of relativity.

Oppenberg is known to have made some outlandish claims in the past, such as that the sun was born in a white dwarf star.

Opprenheimer’s theory predicts that the gravitational pull of the sun would be a constant at its center.

However, the exact same gravitational force that the planet exerts on the earth has not changed for billions of years.

So it is quite possible that Oppenhamers theory is based on some kind of error.

Opps own model of the universe, called the Oppenheit Model,

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