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If you were hoping to sign up for a new superfast internet service and be connected to the world, it’s going to be expensive.

And you may be in for a shock.

That’s because it is “not working”, according to the head of UK’s largest private ISP, BT, in a new report published on Monday.

BT is now working with the government to help its customers adapt their service to the “challenges of modernity”, and to help customers get “on and off the internet in a way that is fast, reliable and affordable”.

BT has been working with government and the industry on this for some time, and it’s the first time that the company has provided an official analysis of the problems with the current rollout.

The report found that, while the service was “generally working”, it was “not delivering the speeds that customers expect” and that the UK needs “a new, cheaper and faster service” to “continue to deliver the benefits that we’ve seen so far”.

The report also found that the rollout has been “subject to technical issues that have resulted in problems with network connectivity and service delivery”.

“The problem is the system is broken,” said BT’s chief executive, Tim Berners-Lee.

“This is not a service failure.

It’s not a technical issue.

It is a failure of communication, of people’s expectations and expectations of what the future of technology will look like.”

The report’s authors argue that the current system is “underwhelming” and the problems are “in many cases not yet fully understood”.

This is the first official look at BT’s thinking about the problem of its broadband network, and there’s a lot to like about it.

But the report’s findings are more than a bit depressing.

BT has said that it has been investing in “new and improved technologies”, and has also been working to improve its internet infrastructure.

But those improvements have not been enough to address the problems that the firm said it was facing.

In particular, the report says that “the UK’s rollout is being hampered by slow speeds and poor network connectivity”, and that “overwhelmingly the UK is experiencing slow speeds in some areas of the UK and a lack of reliable connectivity”.

This could mean that the internet service is “on par with the performance of mobile phones”, said BT.

This could also mean that “a lack of connectivity, slow speeds or a combination of both are contributing to the network failures that we are seeing in the UK”.

BT says it’s working to solve these problems “through a combination or combination of a combination” of improvements in its network, improvements to the way it manages its data and upgrades to its equipment.

And it’s also working to provide “better and faster broadband” and to “help our customers connect to the internet more quickly and effectively”.

But there are some serious problems with this.

Firstly, the UK hasn’t built any network of its own.

Instead, the Government has created a “multi-faceted” fibre optic network, called the “National Broadband Network” (NBN), which connects all of the country’s 5.5 million premises.

The government says that the NBN “will deliver a network that delivers faster speeds than current fibre networks, better and faster network connectivity than current wireless networks and can support the rapid deployment of a new generation of high-capacity fibre networks”.

And BT is working with both the government and other organisations to make sure that the “UK’s broadband network remains as high-performing as possible”.

But it has said in the past that “some of the current fibre and wireless networks are outdated”.

And it has also admitted that its customers have been “trying to adapt to new technologies and services that are not working”.

In short, BT’s report makes it sound as though BT is “sick of its customers trying to adapt and try to work with other providers and providers to make the internet faster”.

This, it says, is “unsustainable”.

And, as we’ve previously written, the NBN is not designed to solve the problems outlined in the BT report.

Instead it is a huge, complex and expensive undertaking.

And BT has repeatedly stated that it doesn’t want to “overbuild” the NBN, and wants to build it in phases.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t improve the current infrastructure.

It could, for example, make its existing fibre network “more reliable, more robust and more reliable”, and “increase the reliability of its existing wireless network”.

But if BT is going to invest billions of pounds into building an outdated and poorly managed infrastructure, it should do it in a much more cost-effective way.

That could include upgrading the network that it already owns, and bringing in more of its competitors’ equipment.

In other words, it would be much cheaper to “build the network, upgrade it, and make it better” than it would to “fix it and try and work with others to fix it”.

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