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— Leopard flats in a Washington State park are getting a new lease on life, with a new owner bringing the park back to life with a unique plan to create a new habitat for leopards and other endangered wildlife.

A conservation group is planning to build a habitat on top of the leopard trees that used to be there, and to keep leopard flats in their current condition.

The group, known as the Puget Sound Conservancy, is in talks with the Parks and Recreation Department to buy the land.

They plan to restore the habitat and plant trees in the fall, with plans to restore a few more leopard habitats by the spring.

Leopards are considered endangered in Washington State.

Parks and Recreation said it will have to consider the species’ needs.

“I know the leoparding habitat is in a critical condition in the Pugets, and I’m sure we’re going to have to work with the Conservancy to see how we can make the most of it,” Parks and Rec spokeswoman Beth Tumulty said.

One leopard tree is already planted on top.

I’m going to do what I can to help,” resident Kelly Womack said.

The project is part of a larger effort to make leopars’ habitat more resilient to climate change.

The Conservancy is working with the Pugeta-Kings Canyon Wilderness Alliance to bring in a team of environmental consultants to evaluate the landscape and ensure there is a safe and healthy habitat for the leos.

Its not just about planting trees.

The park is also looking at other ideas to help leoparts keep their habitat intact.

For example, they want to get rid of a fence that was there when the park opened in 1964.

We’ve got a few other projects that we are talking about that we’re working on, and we’re also looking into how we could bring leopar trees back to the forest, so we can maintain the forest,” Tumorrow said.

We’re still working on the details and are not able to share them at this time, but we want to do something to help them, Womak said.

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