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The flat bench is the most basic of all bench presses.

And, if you want to learn it properly, you need to learn how to do it.

It’s a bench that is used for a wide range of bench press exercises, including chin-ups and front squats.

But you don’t need to be a bench press expert to understand the flat bench.

“It’s really not that hard to do the flat,” says Jeff Miller, a personal trainer and the founder of the training website, Flat Bench Power.

“Just keep your shoulders square and your feet flat.”

Miller and his colleagues have a number of tips for beginners and advanced lifters who are interested in learning how to train the flat, as well as those who want to train it more advancedly.

For more information on training the flat and learning the technique behind it, check out this video by Mike and Sarah Coggan of the American Athletic Association.

Here’s what you need: •A bench, with a wide base (i.e., the bar doesn’t need a vertical spot at the bottom).

“The reason you want a wide-base bench is because you can’t really bend your knees in that position,” Miller explains.

Miller says that a flat bench works best for someone with an undersized back or someone with a narrow shoulders.

Miller says you can bench to a higher bar, but it doesn’t work as well.

It’s important to keep your hips straight as you squat, or you won’t be able to fully lift your hips and legs out of the bar.

The flat bench’s biggest benefit is to give you more flexibility in your back.

“You can use the hips as leverage to bring your legs up and to push your chest up and lift your head up,” Miller says.

“That’s the whole point of the bench, and the whole purpose of the flat.”

Here’s what a typical bench press looks like:  The goal with a good flat bench: “The flat is basically a combination of two things: the upper back and the hips,” Miller explained.

“The upper back is the bar, which is supported on the floor, and that’s your shoulder blade.

It pulls down on the bar and then it’s attached to your elbows.

Your arms are underneath your shoulders, and you’re pulling your elbows up and down and pushing your chest upward.”

The hips are your legs.

As you’re doing your bench press on a flat bar, you’re pressing with the bar against your body.

This is a natural extension of your back and legs.

You’re pulling the bar into your chest, and your back is locked in.

To really use the flat correctly, you should have your knees straight and your hips pointing straight forward. 

The problem with doing a good bench press with a standard, narrow bench is that it forces your chest down and causes your chest to sag.

Instead, Miller recommends that you use a wide, low bar. 

“Most people who do a flat don’t use a narrow bench at all,” Miller said.

If they’re doing the dumbbell squat and doing the dips and pushups and stuff, you can probably make it work. “

So they might do a bunch of dumbbell squats, they might push up on their toes, or they might just have a really high chest and maybe do a couple sets of dips.

If they’re doing the dumbbell squat and doing the dips and pushups and stuff, you can probably make it work.

It will work for a few reps, but the more you do, the better it will work.

Once you get to the point where you can do a dumbbell or dumbbell press and you can hold your breath and your arms straight, you’ll be good to go.

You can find a free guide to the flat here.

Watch how to build a strong bench in the video above.

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