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New York City residents who struggle with a flat stomach can find inspiration in a new flat-belly trend: the tucking in of a t-shirt.

The trend has gained traction online in recent weeks, as people look to make the best of a flat, even if it doesn’t look quite right.

A New York Times story last month featured a young woman who wanted to create an aesthetic that was both stylish and functional.

“I’m a girl who likes to look pretty, but I don’t like to wear a lot of clothes, and I have a flat back,” she told the Times.

“When I go out in the street I wear a skirt, and that’s how I look.”

But the tuck-in phenomenon isn’t just limited to New Yorkers.

An article in The Huffington Post last week featured a woman named Sarah who created a tuckin-out garment that has garnered more than 1 million views on Facebook.

The garment, created by the Brooklyn-based design studio NUBLING, features a zipper at the top that can be pulled down to create the illusion of a skirt.

The piece has also been praised by fashion bloggers and other women.

The design is one of several recent tuckins that have gained traction, with many of them inspired by the trend of flat stomachs.

“This is what I’m looking for in a dress: a little bit of texture and flare, but not so much that you’re trying to make a dress out of your stomach,” said Sarah, a Brooklyn-born artist who is currently studying in Germany.

“That’s what I want from a dress, a little flare and something to go underneath.”

Sarah also noted that a dress can be created from just about any fabric, which can be achieved by using different fabrics, fabrics, and styles.

The garment was designed by NUBILETS, a New York-based collective of designers who have also created similar tuck ins in the past.

The team also included local artist and designer Jessica Chiu.

The tuck is one example of how flat-bottom styles have spread online in a time when most designers aren’t interested in showing off their wares.

“It’s an interesting time in fashion and the trend has really been on the rise,” said Lisa Jansen, a fashion consultant and editor at the fashion blog Bustle.

“We’re seeing more and more designers incorporating the flat-body aesthetic, which I think is really interesting.”

The flat-beast trend is also growing in Japan, where tuck outs have become a staple.

This summer, Japanese pop star and fashion blogger Saki Yumura posted a photo of herself tucking into a T-shirt and flat belly in the company of her friends.

“I wanted to dress myself up in the most flattering way possible,” she wrote.

“The only thing I could think of was a flat-topped dress.

Yumura said that her flat-bellied style is part of a larger trend that is influenced by a new fashion trend that has taken over Japan: the “flat belly” trend. “

I want to dress as an idol, so I made a turtleneck, a sleeveless top, and a dress.”

Yumura said that her flat-bellied style is part of a larger trend that is influenced by a new fashion trend that has taken over Japan: the “flat belly” trend.

This trend has taken the shape of a waistband that is often worn over a skirt to give the illusion that a flat body can be worn.

In the United States, tuckouts have gained popularity as a fashion trend, but are still a niche.

“Flat-beasts” have been around since the 1970s and, at the height of their popularity, women wore them as a way to wear flat bottoms and dresses.

This was a time where the t-shirts, jeans, and even dresses that many women would have worn in the 1950s were still popular.

But women’s attitudes changed over the decades, and the tucker was banned from U.S. stores.

The current trend of tuck in has gained popularity, but has also caught on with fashion bloggers.

“They can’t afford to wear those clothes anymore,” said Jansen.

“There’s a huge need for flat-bottoms now.”

This week, a new tuckout trend has popped up in Japan: flat-breasted.

The trend has been gaining traction on social media and Instagram, where women have been posting photos of themselves in flat-shoulder styles.

“For a woman with a taut stomach, the flat belly can be a good option,” wrote one Instagram user.

The Instagram post went viral and has garnered over 10,000 likes.

“People want to wear these styles now, and they don’t want to look like a girl from the 1940s or 1950s,” said one blogger.

In a country that is slowly turning its back on its traditional image of a woman as the strong, independent woman, this trend has also gained popularity.

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