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A map of the world that appears to be flat and empty is actually actually filled with all sorts of interesting information. 

Here’s a look at the world map, in a few words.

What is a flat map?

A flat map is an image that has the same dimensions as the original, but has a different shape.

A map that has a similar shape but is flat is called a map that does not have a line or line segment.

You can find maps that have a circle or a line segment but are flat or not. 

For example, the map below shows a map of India that does show a line, but does not actually have a point.

This map shows that a flat or empty map will have a very similar shape to a map with a line and line segment, but no point. 

What is hidden?

Flat maps usually contain the same information as the map you see on your screen.

For example there is a line of data to represent a country, and the line is connected to the other information in the map.

This is known as the flat line.

For a map to be a flat, you need a line connecting the dots.

The line can be a dot, a circle, or a square.

It is very important that you do not leave out any data.

For instance, if you remove any line segments from the map, it will not be a map at all.

If you leave out a line in the top right corner, then there is no line at all to show. 

For some maps, it is possible to make a line appear, but this will only be visible in a small part of the map and may not be there in the entire map.

If this happens, then the flat map will be a very large and complex image.

This is a map which is filled with a lot of information, including a lot more lines than a standard flat map. 

Where does it go?

Flat map images can be used for everything from street signs to street maps, and are usually used to represent the real world in the case of roads.

Mapmakers can also use flat maps to show where people live and work, but the maps can be very complex.

If you are interested in knowing more about maps and flat maps, the following links will give you more information.

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