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There are a lot of different types of flat ears, and depending on the type of piercing, the benefits vary widely.

Here are some basic benefits of using a flat earpiece: 1.

Reduced noise from earbuds 2.

Reduced earbud noise from the flat ear 3.

Reduced wind noise from a flat earthen floor 4.

Reduced acoustics 5.

Increased ear canal diameter and ear canal comfort 6.

Reduced stress on ears 7.

Reduced pressure on ears 8.

Reduced irritation from earpads 9.

Less pain 10.

Less discomfort from earrings 11.

More sound quality 12.

Reduced discomfort from hearing loss 13.

Reduced pain from earring pressure 14.

Reduced swelling 15.

Increased sound quality 16.

Less soreness from ear pain and ringing 17.

Less itchiness 18.

Less swelling and swelling in the ear 19.

Less itching 20.

Less irritation from the ear 21.

Less inflammation from the ears 22.

Less noise and noise-induced ear infections 23.

Less stress on the ear 24.

Less ear pain 25.

Less pressure on the ears 26.

Less constriction from the pierce 27.

Less infection of the ear 28.

Less need for medical care 29.

Less scarring 30.

Less fibrosis 31.

Less bleeding from the scalp 32.

Less joint pain from the armpits 33.

Less numbness 34.

Less cramps 35.

Less muscle pain 36.

Less neck stiffness 37.

Less bruising 38.

Less dry mouth 39.

Less headaches 40.

Less fatigue 41.

Less insomnia 42.

Less anxiety 43.

Less social withdrawal 44.

Less depression 45.

Less fear 46.

Less anger 47.

Less guilt 48.

Less sadness 49.

Less joy 50.

Less worry 51.

Less rest 52.

Less motivation 53.

Less excitement 54.

Less boredom 55.

Less self-pity 56.

Less irritability 57.

Less pride 58.

Less gratitude 59.

Less curiosity 60.

Less confidence 61.

Less ambition 62.

Less concern 63.

Less effort 64.

Less enjoyment 65.

Less pleasure 66.

Less frustration 67.

Less happiness 68.

Less love 69.

Less acceptance 70.

Less tolerance 71.

Less hope 72.

Less forgiveness 73.

Less relief 74.

Less disappointment 75.

Less understanding 76.

Less compassion 77.

Less empathy 78.

Less friendship 79.

Less warmth 80.

Less enthusiasm 81.

Less appreciation 82.

Less trust 83.

Less respect 84.

Less sympathy 85.

Less honesty 86.

Less humor 87.

Less humility 88.

Less patience 89.

Less support 90.

Less strength 91.

Less courage 92.

Less wisdom 93.

Less optimism 94.

Less success 95.

Less responsibility 96.

Less luck 97.

Less regret 98.

Less suffering 99.

Less embarrassment 100.

Less annoyance 101.

Less loneliness 102.

Less confusion 103.

Less rejection 104.

Less anticipation 105.

Less determination 106.

Less attention 107.

Less doubt 108.

Less uncertainty 109.

Less surprise 110.

Less loss of self-confidence 111.

Less sense of responsibility 112.

Less desire 113.

Less feeling of responsibility 114.

Less loyalty 115.

Less unity 116.

Less commitment 117.

Less satisfaction 118.

Less independence 119.

Less awareness 120.

Less emotion 121.

Less affection 122.

Less care for friends 123.

Less caring for parents 124.

Less loving for pets 125.

Less kindness for others 126.

Less friendliness for family members 127.

Less friendships for friends 128.

Less work for family 129.

Less leisure for family 130.

Less time for work 131.

Less productivity for family 132.

Less sex for family 133.

Less family time for kids 134.

Less sexual play for kids 135.

Less romantic relationships for kids 136.

Less hobbies for kids 137.

Less athletic play for children 138.

Less sports for kids 139.

Less physical activity for kids 140.

Less eating for kids 141.

Less reading for kids 142.

Less recreation for kids 143.

Less homework for kids 144.

Less volunteering for kids 145.

Less job for kids 146.

Less travel for kids 147.

Less outdoor recreation for children 148.

Less gardening for kids 149.

Less playing outdoors for kids 150.

Less gym membership for kids 151.

Less cooking for kids 152.

Less shopping for kids 153.

Less moviegoing for kids 154.

Less music playing for kids 155.

Less going to a doctor or a therapist 156.

Less a night of sleep for kids 157.

Less having children for the first time 158.

Less taking a break from work for kids 159.

Less getting dressed for work for children 160.

Less working out for kids 161.

Less exercising for kids 162.

Less traveling for kids 163.

Less doing homework for children 164.

Less sitting still for children 165.

Less relaxing for children 166.

Less being active for kids 167.

Less looking forward to the holidays 168.

Less spending time with family 169.

Less trying to be a parent for kids 170.

Less thinking about how to pay for your mortgage 171.

Less buying new clothes for

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