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“Flats are comfortable.

They don’t require a lot of padding.

You can wear them for as long as you like.

If you’re not sure if you like them, you can wear something else.

It doesn’t matter.

It’s a good idea to wear something different than the one you’re comfortable in, because it’s really important that you can walk in them.”

“I just started walking around with my flat chested friend in her flat-chested teen style.”

The flat-chested teen model in this photo, a 17-year-old from New York City, has been wearing her flat chest in recent weeks as she has started wearing heels to cover up her bottom.

“I’m just kind of a little girl who wears heels because I’m flat-footed and they just kind-of give me an extra little bit of comfort,” she said.

“When I wear them I kind of feel like I’m trying to hide something.

I just wear them because I have to wear them.””

I’m not a big fan of the ‘flat chested’ look, but I like the idea that I’m not wearing my entire chest,” she continued.

“So I’m wearing the heels because they give me that extra little layer.”

For now, the teen is not wearing heels.

But she is planning to wear flat chest tops for the next few months.

“As I get older, I’m going to have to do something a little more feminine and less feminine,” she added.

In this photo taken in June, 17-yo model Emily Naveen, 17, wears a flat chest with her flat chests, in Los Angeles, California.

Emily Naves, 17.

(AP: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

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