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The trendiest and most coveted Chanel handbags are expected to make their way into the fashion market in 2017, with the brand announcing a slew of new handbags designed for women, which will debut on the heels of Chanel’s “Fancy” and “S” series.

Chanel unveiled a slew to its 2017 collection on Wednesday, including a new “Flathead Baby” which is modeled after a flathead doll that the brand created to show off its latest handbags.

The “Flatehead Baby,” which is the first Chanel collection in more than 10 years to feature a flat head baby, will be available in four colors, with a matte finish and an “Orient” fabric that the company says will be “a new canvas for the Chanel brand.”

Chanel also unveiled a “Flush” handbag, which features a soft, shimmering “futuristic” material that the designers say will complement the new flatter lines and shape of the new collection.

The brand also announced a “Chanel” bracelet, which comes with a metallic ring and can be worn on its left wrist or on the right hand.

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