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Lowes, one of the most influential brands in modern American retail, just released its 2018 ranking of the best restaurants in New York City, and we’ve rounded up the top spots.

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The Lowes Guide to NYCFoodsThe Low and the Lowes guide is designed to give a sense of what the neighborhood of Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Midtown area is all about.

Its a curated list of restaurants, cafes, and other attractions, based on local food and beverage culture and popular trends.

Lowes recommends that locals check out the menu at any of its restaurants, including its flagship, Lowes and Associates.

The restaurant menu is based on the best food and drink in the region.

The best restaurants on the list have more than 60 items, according to the guide.

The list includes restaurants that serve traditional Mexican, Mexican food, Asian, Latin American, and Caribbean cuisine, among other options.

We tried to include restaurants that are more than just traditional.

We’re trying to bring the best of our city to your table.

And when you see a restaurant, you want to stop in and try it, too.

That’s the ethos of The Lowes Restaurant Guide.

We’ll be back with the Top Ten Lowes Restaurants in New England and Northeast and the Top Five Lowes Food and Drink Bars in New Jersey and New York in January 2019.

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