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With the recent closure of the Michael Kors Store in Melbourne, and the opening of Flat Iron Lounge, it’s no surprise that the company’s name has come to mean something very different in the 21st century.

Now, as Flat Iron joins the Australian public with a new store in Sydney, we asked the company what its history meant for the future of the brand and why it decided to stay in Australia.

The Michael Korg brand is based in the United States.

I think what’s interesting about the story of Flatiron is the evolution of the company, the transformation of the business from a traditional flat iron maker into a brand.

Michael Kors started as a small family business.

We were trying to get out of our backyard and make the best products possible.

The original flat iron was made in New Jersey.

It was made by hand, with the iron and wood coming from the family home in Pennsylvania.

There were a couple of guys who started out with a piece of iron and they would take it to a shop to get the wood to grind it up.

But the company didn’t really exist in the traditional sense.

It had a very limited product line and we weren’t able to keep up with the demand.

When Flat Iron was founded in 1989, the company was trying to find a way to make a product that was affordable, durable, and affordable for the customer.

For a long time, I remember having a lot of conversations with people who had been in the business before us.

It’s always been about getting the best product for the most customers.

We had a vision of the Flat Iron brand as a family business that would be a family.

I think the people who have come out of the process have had that vision and have come to see it as the ultimate family brand.

It’s a great story, but in a very different time, it had very different goals.

In the late 90s, there were concerns about the economy.

People were struggling to make ends meet.

There was a lot more pressure on small businesses.

So, I think what I’ve found is that I think we’re in a good place now.

We’re making a lot faster and the business is growing really quickly.

The company has now grown to over 70 employees.

Our goal was to bring the same quality to the customer that we used to deliver to our customers.

I would say that that has really helped.

We can still bring quality products to the customers and the customer is a much more passionate customer now than they were back then.

We have a customer service department that is really dedicated to getting back to what made Flat Iron special in the 90s.

I’m proud of what we have done and what we’re doing now.

I’ve had a lot to think about and to look at, and I have always been a believer in growth.

I believe that it’s possible to take something that’s established, and make it better.

At the same time, the brand has to be focused on what is the most important thing to the people that buy it.

I have to make sure that they know that it is the product that makes Flat Iron a success.

What has made Flatiron so successful?

I think it’s because of the people in the team.

The team at Flat Iron is very passionate about Flat Iron and about making it better than ever.

We’ve got a great team, which is just a testament to the passion and dedication that they have for their craft.

The people that are here at the store and the people behind the store are also very dedicated to their work and to making Flat Iron better.

I think our customers have really embraced us as a brand and we’ve had so many customers come back for our products.

I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of it.

I remember my first day in Melbourne when I was there, I saw the store for the first time.

I had just started my job at the company and had just been introduced to Flat Iron.

I walked in and I was so excited.

I was in awe of the fact that I was at Flatiron and to be able to come in and get a piece and work on it.

Then, the following year, I went to New York and got my first Flat Iron product, which was a new model of the flat iron that was still being produced by the company.

Flat Iron is a very unique brand and one that has always been on our radar.

My first Flat-Iron customer was a man named David and he came to Melbourne and said, ‘I want to give this product a try’.

He was not a flat iron fanatic.

He just wanted to get a look at it.

That was the first of many times that I went and got a Flat-iron product.

His response to Flat-Is was, ‘You know, I have a friend who

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