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My husband has been in and out of a wheelchair since he was diagnosed with COPD in 2014.

He’s had to work as a home health care worker, but now his job is over.

He has been living on his own in the flat he’s owned since 2015, which he had bought in 2009.

He had to move in with his partner in January after they were divorced, because they both needed work.

But now, after a series of health problems, including a stroke and heart condition, he has no home to live in.

His partner, who lives in Sydney, has to stay with him because of her disability and the cost of paying for care, rent and transport.

I live in a small flat, so I’ve been unable to support my family financially.

I’ve got to move out and do something else, so it’s not a pleasant situation.

So I’m trying to get by with my own money, and I’m also trying to keep my partner at work to help with her care, which has been a problem because I’ve had to take her out of the house to help her.

It’s been tough.

My partner, like so many others, is also struggling with the costs of housing and other bills, like paying her bills.

But she has been able to do it on her own.

She’s had help from the Salvation Army, but I’ve also been supported by a housing co-operative.

So what’s the problem?

My husband was diagnosed in 2014 with COPE, a type of COPD, which means that he has inflammation of the muscles and joints in his chest, neck and lower back.

It can also cause chronic chest pain, joint swelling, muscle weakness and joint damage.

It is an extremely serious condition that can lead to death if left untreated.

It has become increasingly difficult for him to get the medication he needs, and for me and my partner to afford the housing.

Since I was diagnosed, my husband has gone from a wheelchair to a wheelchair.

It was heartbreaking when he first got on the wheelchair and he couldn’t go anywhere.

I’d never had it so bad.

But the harder he went on the worse it got.

He spent a lot of time in and around his home, and he got very tired and had to wear a harness to help him walk.

We had to find ways to manage the housework for him, so he was able to work at his job and also help his partner out at the end of the day, but he didn’t get the full benefit of his work.

Now that he’s got the medication, he’s getting a lot better.

But I think the real issue is that his disability means he’s unable to get his medication.

His partner has been getting him the medication that she needed to keep him working, but she has to keep paying the rent because she has nowhere else to live.

He’s very dependent on her.

He can’t be at home with her.

I know he’s frustrated.

He needs help to pay his rent.

I think that’s why he’s been getting on the treadmill.

The money is just not there for him.

I don’t know if he has any income at all.

I hope that if he’s given the medication then he’ll be able to find work.

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