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The flat iron curls have become a staple of the sandal world.

And for the wrong reasons.

They have become popular with women because of their ease of wear, yet they are dangerous.

They don’t provide traction.

They can tear easily, and when you’re using them to grip a hard surface, the sole of the iron can slide up against your heel.

They’re also prone to slipping off the heels, causing your feet to grind against each other.

So why wear them?

Because, at a time when the flat iron is a must-have for any outdoor athlete, it’s also a major contributor to foot and ankle injuries.

According to the American Institute of Sports Medicine, flat-iron injuries account for more than 40 percent of all sports injuries.

A person can suffer a flat iron injury for up to a year and two months.

A fractured flat iron can require six weeks to heal.

Injuries are also more common in women, who make up almost half of all women who wear sandals.

Women who wear the flat-heeled sandals are more likely to have more serious injuries, including osteoarthritis, ligament tears, and lacerations.

In addition, flat shoes are more than twice as likely to break, according to the AISM.

The AISI is one of the groups that have advocated for the flat shoes.

The American Institute for Sports Medicine’s report on the issue found that flat shoes lead to a number of serious health problems.

They cause high levels of stress to the joints, leading to pain, stiffness, and weakness.

And, because the flat soles are designed to be used for traction, they can slip and become entangled in the ankle.

The flat shoes have become the go-to shoes for many women.

There are two main types of flats: the short, flat iron and the long, curved iron.

Short flats provide traction on sandals, and long flat irons are designed for long runs or for those who want to wear them on the go.

But the long curved iron is less common.

For the first time, the AICM has studied the prevalence of flat-foot and flat-rotting injuries among the women who use flat-toed sandals — and what they mean for their overall health.

The study found that there are no differences in the risk of flat foot and flat rotting injuries between women who have short and long flats.

The most common injuries are ankle sprains and a foot fracture.

However, there were no differences between women with short and longer flats, regardless of the type of footwear they used.

Women with long curved or short flat soled shoes were three times more likely than women with shorter soled soles to suffer an ankle fracture.

According the AIsM report, the injury rates for women wearing long curved and short flat shoes were two to four times higher than those wearing short or long flat soleds.

There were also no differences for those with long flat shoes or short curved soled footwear.

For those who do have an injury, it can take up to six weeks for the pain to completely subside, and the patient has to start wearing a new pair of sandals or shoes to get back to normal.

The best way to avoid injuries?

Stay away from the flat sandals and flip flops.

They provide less traction than short and curved soles, and while they provide traction, you should avoid wearing them for long periods of time.

Also, keep your feet warm and dry.

Keep your feet dry by putting a wet towel around your feet.

Don’t use a water-resistant material on your sandals if they’re dry.

If you wear sandal sandals to run or play, avoid wearing sandals that are not water-proof.

Wear socks when you play sports or in warm weather, and you should wear shoes that are water- and wind-resistant.

You can find the recommended brands of sandal soles and sandals at the AICS site.

What you need to know about flat-toothed sandals: What are flat-toe sandals?

Flat-toe shoes are designed specifically for running and sandboarding.

They allow the soles of the shoes to bend more easily to the ankle than other shoes.

But, they’re not designed to handle high-impact tasks like rock climbing, which requires traction on the rocks.

Flat-toe shoe soles also don’t offer traction on bare feet, such as those worn for snowshoeing.

The only time you should be wearing flat- toed sandal is when you need traction in your feet and ankle, such a high-performance race.

How do you use sandals correctly?

Sandals can be used with either a heel, a flat, or a loop.

The heel is worn on one side of the foot, while the loop is worn between the soled and the bare

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