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A flat in a remote region of Lake Stansted in England has become a global hot spot for girls who travel there to live with their boyfriends.

The flat is located at Lake Flato, near the village of Lake Flater, and is one of the few remaining virgin, semi-desert, semi-“green” virgin sites in the country.

The area, known for its green vegetation and dry climate, is home to many girls, some as young as 15, who go there to stay with their parents and friends.

A number of girls have moved to the Flat in the past few years.

They have rented out the apartment and living space in the apartment to local girls and married them in the area, and have been known to host a wedding there.

The girls pay their own rent and are expected to keep the apartment in their name.

But a few years ago, the girls became worried about their boyfriend’s behavior.

The girls started to ask him to be more responsible, to make the apartment more comfortable, to change his habits, and to make sure that the flat was not too far from the girls’ schools and schools for girls, said Ali Mughal, the manager of the Flat.

“We asked him to do some things and he started to do them and they were asking him questions,” she said.

A week ago, Ali Maghal said she was called to an office in the Flat by a girl who said she needed help with the apartment.

“When I got there she said, ‘I have a problem.

I can’t afford to rent out my apartment anymore.

What should I do?'”

The girl said she and her boyfriend, a boy, had been living together for a month, and he was taking her and her friends to the local park to see a movie.

She was worried about her boyfriend because she had had a rough relationship with her parents.

Maghal then contacted the Flat manager, who told her the girl had contacted the police.

The Flat manager contacted the Girl’s Association, which called the police, the Flat told the BBC.

The girl was then interviewed by the police and the Flat said the girls had agreed to rent the apartment out to the girl and her family, who would pay the rent and keep the Flat’s apartment.

But when the girl complained about the flat’s new owners, the police came.

“She was very upset because she didn’t know who had rented the flat, she didn of the people who had come,” Maghall said.

The Girl’s Associations told the Mirror that the Flat did not tell them about the girls complaint and they did not know the details of the case.

The incident has raised concerns about the role of the police in such cases, particularly given the high rates of child sexual exploitation in the United Kingdom.

The Mirror quoted a police source saying that it is not clear whether the police had contacted local police about the case, but the Flat has been contacted by police.

However, the source said police had been asked to take over the investigation after the girl reported the case to them.

Mughal said the Flat is working to provide the girl with security, and has promised to help her with her rent and the apartment, as well as to provide food.

But it remains unclear whether the Flat will be able to afford to pay the girl’s rent and help with her living expenses.

The Guardian quoted the Flat managing director, Susan Stokes, as saying the Flat was looking into whether the girls who live in the flat could move in with them.

“It is important to note that the girls are under 18 and have the option to move out,” Stokes said.

“It is up to the owners of the property to ensure that this happens.”

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