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Now That the Trump administration is finally trying to push back on China’s attempts to take down the iPhone, it seems likely that the Trump White House will push back harder than they ever have before.

The Trump administration, in other words, is not going to take the China angle.

So what will Trump do next?

Will he go back to the ways of the past?

Or will he finally take the issue on?

Here are some ideas.


Get rid of tariffs.

If Trump wants to be able to negotiate a trade deal, he will have to take a tougher stance on trade, and that means getting rid of all of the tariffs that currently exist.

That’s not going too well for the iPhone.

For example, the iPhone currently has a 35% tariff on all of its components, and an additional 0.3% on the glass and plastic used to make the phone.

Trump has said that he’s not in favor of tariffs on glass, plastic, or metal used to manufacture phones, but it would be a shame to go that far.

So how do we get around the tariffs?

Trump has promised to negotiate with all of these countries on behalf of the United State, and this is what he would do.

Trump could negotiate for a reduction in tariffs.

But the best way to do this is to put in place a tariff on everything in the U.K. and Australia, where the iPhone has its headquarters.

He would then negotiate for an iPhone tariff reduction on everything else, including in the Americas.

But we need to keep in mind that the tariff reduction will only apply to phones made in the states that have tariffs on iPhones.

So the tariffs would not apply to the iPhone 5, 5c, and 5s, which are made in China.

In order to do that, the United Kingdom and Australia would have to put their tariffs on everything.

The only way to get rid from those tariffs is for Trump to unilaterally drop the tariffs and for the U,S.

to unilaterally impose a tariff that would apply to all phones made by the companies in the region.

This would require a huge amount of political capital.


Impose a minimum wage.

If we want to get a trade agreement signed with China, it is important to negotiate in good faith.

For one thing, the U of S would have a lot of bargaining power.

For another, the Chinese are not likely to be willing to sign an agreement that raises their wages significantly.

The U.k. and China could try to negotiate down the tariff to some degree, but a minimum-wage deal would not be easy to achieve.

And we need a minimum tariff.


Use tax breaks.

If the Trump Administration wants to get China to change its trade policies, it needs to get them to

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