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Posted October 03, 2018 08:17:08The league has announced a change in the rules to allow the players to wear underwear in the NFL, including those that aren’t approved for play.

The rules were announced Friday by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and are effective immediately.

The new rules also require all teams to wear socks with the number of players on them printed on them and that socks have a diameter of at least 3.5 inches.

The league’s policy states that no player’s pants or shoes may be exposed for the duration of the game.

The players can change their underwear for games if they are wearing flip flops, flip-flops with a waistband or any other approved footwear.

A league spokesman said the players will not be able to change underwear during the season, but they can change socks during the preseason, and the players can wear their pants under their shoes for practices and games.

The new rules go into effect on Oct. 10.

The league has also reduced the number and types of players who can wear underwear for the preseason from 16 to eight.

The last time the league allowed the number to be reduced was in 2015.

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