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New York’s most popular paper is now saying the Earth is flat.

The New York City Times is publishing a special report on Thursday that claims the Earth’s crust is flat and that we are in a geological period called the Pleistocene epoch.

According to the Times, geologists have concluded that there are no new continents on the Earth.

The paper said it is the first time that geologists and other experts have taken this position, adding that it is “not a position that is supported by the scientific consensus.”

However, geologist and author David R. Biernat told ABC News that it doesn’t mean that the Earth isn’t flat.

He said it would be a mistake to say that the crust is not flat, because it is.

He said the Earth may have had a layer of ice on the surface, which he said may have frozen and hardened over millions of years.

But he added that it was unlikely that we know what caused this, because we have very little information about the Earth at the moment.

“There are a lot of uncertainties in the geological record, and it’s very hard to say what caused it,” he said.

Biernat said the geologists’ position is “in keeping with our view of our Earth as a very static planet, and that’s what we know, but it’s not clear exactly how much of the Earth was covered by ice.”

New York Times reporter and former Times columnist Mark Bittman wrote a piece on Monday in which he wrote that there is “little doubt” the Earth has been flat for millions of decades.

In his column, Bittmann wrote that the Times’ reporting is wrong because the Earth did not become a sphere at the end of the Pleismos epoch.

“We do not have any evidence that the planet was ever more or less circular, or that it has been ever more flat,” he wrote.

“The geologic record tells us that the earth has always been a sphere, flat, and round, with no major features, not even the occasional volcanoes.”

New England Public Radio reported last month that geologist Bruce Chapman said the new research doesn’t fit the flat earth paradigm, and he also said there are a number of problems with the Times story.

“What we’re seeing here is the same thing that happens in the flat Earth world — that there’s no flat Earth at all,” Chapman said.

“They’re making a claim that the flatness is so obvious and obvious that it makes you feel like you’re being lied to.”

Chapman said the Times report is not factual and is a misrepresentation of the data.ABC News’ Chris Brown contributed to this report.

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