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Ronan, a reality TV star who once starred in HBO’s ‘Barry’ franchise, will be the next face of a brand new range of flats that aim to take the “hollywood star” out of flats.

Ronan will be launching the new range in London, which is set to hit the market on July 16.

Ronan told the Daily Mirror that he wanted the brand to “take a different tack” and said he wanted to create “an environment where people don’t feel ashamed of wearing flats”.

“It’s about getting a whole new way of thinking about flats,” he said.

“It has nothing to do with fashion, it’s not about looking trendy, it has to do something to take a different view of flats.”

The range includes flats made of the latest in luxury materials, including the “Hollywood” and “Titanic” films, and “Hobbits” and other films, along with a range of accessories including a “Shakespeare” hat, a “Horseman” hat and a “Lionheart” hat.

In a statement, Ronan said he was “delighted” to launch the new line.

“I’m thrilled to be working with the brand on this new line of flats and I’m looking forward to meeting the team at the launch event in London,” he told the Mirror.

“Hollywood stars and iconic films are some of my favourite subjects to cover and my work has always been grounded in the truth and the authenticity of what we do.”

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