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When I think about flat shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is the dreaded flat bottom of a sailboat.

That is why I don’t usually buy them.

But when I do, they often turn out to be pretty handy.

The main problem with flat shoes is that the heel is so low that the foot is only touching the top of the shoe.

To fix this problem, I have a few tricks to help keep my feet in place.

The trick I like to use is a foam heel strip that is inserted under the sole of the shoes and then clipped onto the inside of the foot.

This strips off the heel of the sole and allows the shoe to slide through the shoe in an effort to keep the foot from tipping.

When I was in high school, I used this trick to keep my foot in place while playing soccer on a soccer field.

Nowadays, I can often get away with wearing a pair of flat shoes.

If you need to change the angle of your flat-bottom, I recommend buying a pair that is angled from the top to the bottom.

And if you’re planning on wearing them while sailing, make sure you also have a pair with a removable strap for easy transportation.

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The Flat Shoes article by Emma Whitehead originally appeared in our November issue.

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